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MoonRabbit meta-chain project: infinitely scalable, secure, compatible.

MoonRabbit meta-chain project: infinitely scalable, secure, compatible. 🐇🌖

Some people call it just a fork of Polkadot. but despite the fact that the project is also implemented through Substrate, ready-made frames of code and documentation, on the basis of which any parachain can be run, MoonRabbit is a Layer 0 network, on the basis of which any Layer 1 project can be built.

The project is quite thoroughly worked out from the point of view of philosophy🎭 and tokenomics .💰

MoonRabbit recently voiced the staking model, which is implemented through the so-called Temples. Staking allows you to receive a profitability of 24 to 500% per annum, depending on the period of locking AAA tokens (from a month to 2 years) and the order in which the reward is received.

MoonRabbit implements bridges to Ethereum, Kusama, Polkadot, Doge, Syscoin and in the near future Polygon.

Thus, MoonRabbit is a system of systems that unites all distributed ledgers into an interchain protocol of the highest degree of importance at an abstract level - Metachein. At least they are moving towards creating a full-fledged meta chain. 🐇🌖

If you look critically at MoonRabbit and assume that if some project does not win a slot in Polkadot, like a parachain, then, if desired, it can become a parathread, and there is no need to raise funds in crowdloan and block them, or become stand-alone substrate. 🤷🏻‍♂️

But on the other side of MoonRabbit 👍 an interesting alternative to Polkadot, in which the management of the parent chain - Mount Olympus, occurs through constant interaction with unique blockchains and networks called Jurisdictions .🔱 Mount Olympus serves as a central hub for communication and security. Connection to other blockchains is done through portals.♋️

🌓 The goal of the project is to build a reliable ecosystem for the study of longevity using advanced crypto and web3 technologies. The project is rooted in Asian mythology and the Moon Rabbit legends associated with the long and exciting search for eternal life. Moon Rabbit 🐇 is committed to supporting scientists and entrepreneurs in the longevity research industry to stimulate research and development that can uncover the secret of immortality. Sounds poetically beautiful! 🎼

🌝 AAA token with a current rate of $ 0.0020 is traded on exchanges: Hotbit, Probit, Uniswap, Bitglobal
The project offers the possibility of creating blockchains for the implementation of crowdfunding tasks, crowdsourcing and working with web3 databases.

So far, the project leaves a pleasant impression given the interesting tokenomics and staking conditions for the crypto community.