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Arata is a decentralized anime ecosystem.

🔥 Arata is a decentralized anime ecosystem.

Successful launch on ⚡️ Lightning Launchpad and huge growth potential.

At the launch, 862 BNB was collected - for the current rate it is about $ 290k.

1 BNB = 290 ARATA.😎

Arata showed only x3 (according to CoinGecko), but it is important to take into account the current state of the market and manipulative actions by regulators.

Arata offers several key vectors of interest for users:

Earn rewards for participating, completing in-game missions, watching anime videos, and promos. Sounds like an anime gamer's dream finally realized on the blockchain.

Creation of collections of characters, attributes and other things and their use in the expanding Universe. Cool anime NFT marketplace.

Arata holders can participate in voting, community management and project management.

Arata is a blockchain-based gaming platform that rewards fans and players for their time and passion for playing our games. Gamers engage in battles, complete daily missions and events, participate in weekly tournaments, and trade in-game NFTs to earn ARATA tokens.

In fact, the Arata project fully implements the play2earn concept - play and earn. This is a high-quality virtualization of passion and "gambling" into income through the blockchain.

In particular, Arata will introduce new revenue streams for both gamers and anime fans.

Anime creators will be able to raise funds during incubation while maintaining full capital and intellectual property. Build an adaptive and rich token economy. Also, referral bonuses, digital goods, bonus programs and much more will be available in the ecosystem.

🚗 According to the roadmap, plans for this year also include:

1. Launch of Staking Platform, 2D Games and NFTs
2. Anime Video Streaming (OTT) APP Release
3. Partnerships and Exchange Listing - Get listed on Gateio, CG, CMC, BlockFolio, Delta, Stocktwits, BitMart, CoinTiger, WhiteBit, Kucoin, BKEX, Coinbase, BitForex, and Binance.

And these are only the nearest plans.

⚡️ The list is impressive, although, rather than surprise, it's time for high-quality projects to be spotted on Lightning Launchpad.