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Follow the White Moon Rabbit - MoonRabbit 🐇🌖

Much like a new diamond💎 in the cryptocurrency world. However, let's deal with the tokenomics of the project.

Moon Rabbit is a distributed infrastructure built using Substrate technology, essentially a fork of Polkadot, and allows all types of data or digital assets to be transferred between any blockchains.

After the launch of MoonRabbit, all remaining mainnet tokens are marked for burning. The burning of tokens will happen before the new full moon. The offer is 8.888.888.888 AAA. Tokens are distributed between Main-Net Moon Rabbit and Ethereum.

After the AAA pool is burned, a dynamic block reward will be activated in order to scale the Moon Rabbit network and reward Temples and Congregations.

Temples perform an important function of the Moon Rabbit's security, scalability, and interconnection.

AAA token staking💵💵💵
The creators have a very original approach to the issue of naming and the entire philosophy of the project. 👍

Staking takes place in Temples. 🌖

Profitability and frequency of payments:

🌛 Awakening Temples - 24% per annum in AAA tokens, distribution monthly, minimum staking period 1 week.

🌖 Exploration Temples blocking AAA tokens for 88 days (3 Moon), 67% per annum, payments and unlocking of tokens at the end of the staking period.

🌗 Perception Temples blocking AAA tokens for 177 days (6 moons) and a yield of 200% per annum and unlocking tokens.

🌔 Enlightenment Temples block 355 days (12 moons), yield 500% in AAA and unlock at the end of staking. Cannot be renewed after the expiration date.

🌒 Transcendence Temples staking for 710 days (24 Moon) and a yield of 400% per annum. 1/4 of the Year 1 award opens at the end of Year 1. The rest opens at the end of the 2nd year.🤘

🌕 Immortality Temples yield 300% per annum for 48 moons (1420 days), of which 1/3 of the awards for the first year opens at the end of the first year; 1/3 of Year 2 awards open at the end of Year 2; 1/3 of Year 3 rewards are unlocked at the end of Year 3. The rest are unlocked at the end of the 4th year.

Members of the Temple of Immortality Congregation who lock at least 333'333'333 AAA in the Temple of Immortality will also receive Longevity DAO NFT membership, allowing the NFT holder to have priority for life extension.

All AAA holders who have transferred their tokens to the Main-Net Moon Rabbit over the bridge or through the Burning Ceremony before September 1, 2021 will receive a distribution of rewards from the Temple of Awakening, with which they have automatically placed their bets. This will correspond to 2% of mainnet wallet holders as of the end of August 2021.

With Temples planning to activate Congregation's betting features by the end of the month, a snapshot of AAA's assets on the mainnet will be taken on September 9 at 10:00 UTC. All AAA holders who have transferred their tokens to the Main-Net Moon Rabbit via the bridge or Burning Ceremony will receive a one-time September reward equivalent to 1/12 of 67%, i.e. 5.58%.

The mainnet is expected to fully activate the betting mechanisms offered by the various Temples no later than the end of September 2021, with subsequent rewards being made through the user interface that will be activated inside the Moon Rabbit wallet on the next network update.

In general, we need to follow the Moon Rabbit and something interesting will be revealed to us.