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The Moon Rabbit is on the air again.

The Moon Rabbit is on the air again. 🐇🌖

MoonRabbit is increasingly on the agenda.

The project can seriously compete with the Polkadot multiplatform, due to the lack of parachain auctions, which have become an obstacle for many interesting projects. MoonRabbit bypassed auctions through the creation of Jurisdictions, the owners of which will be able to receive% of the drop in tokens of projects created on the MoonRabbit core.👍

🌖 Owning Jurisdictions allows you to create Layer 1 solutions like DeFi, GameFi, NFT, Web3.

The creators of MoonRabbit promise that launching your own token can be much faster and cheaper than on Polkadot, in just a few days. It makes sense if you don't mess around with auctions.

The platform also allows start-up projects to raise funds like ICOs and promises to provide support through the funds created.

AAA tokens will be regularly burned. For tokens, you can launch validator nodes **, use them to manage the community and as a payment instrument within the MoonRabbit ecosystem.

The AAA token is a deflationary token and 90% of the emission will be burned in September. 🔥

The project presented interesting options for staking tokens.

MoonRabbit predicts the success of Doge, all of which is based on the name of Angel Versetti, a serial entrepreneur who is now the CEO of the project. The project featured Metachain, Goldsworth Capital, Dogecoin Foundation, Distributed Ledger Solutions.

By the way. 🤟

🌖 Do not forget about the great mission of MoonRabbit - the creation of a system of systems for all blockchains, the highest protocol of significance - metachein.

🙏 Philosophy of the project: revealing the secret of eternal life - both biological and digital - and providing an opportunity for humanity to go beyond the known dimensions in order to learn new worlds and states of consciousness. It sounds a little unusual and, but the whole crypt is rather unusual. 😁

Fly in the ointment: the AAA rate on Hotbit has already reached 113,000%. After the correction, it is trading at $ 0.0038.

🌝 On the other hand, the capitalization of the project has not yet been determined, according to preliminary estimates it is at the level of $ 10-14 million. The potential for growth is incredible, if we repeat the success of either Doge or Polkadot.