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Trust Wallet, Mr. Radchenko, NFT

This is not about successful success, this is about the brain and the ability to change the world.

A guy from Dnepropetrovsk, Viktor Radchenko, once worked at the Bank, left for America, founded two projects Trucker and Truckloads for truckers. But this did not bring a large scale # nbsp; What does Trust Wallet have to do with it? Read on .👇👇

He sold one company to the Chinese giant RenRen. I parted with the second. And in 2016 I bought a crypto for the first time - it was Ethereum. And I was faced with the fact that the crypt needs to be stored somewhere. there was nowhere to store it on a mobile device. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ Here she is a craving for optimization and ingenuity.

Who does not know - Radchenko studied the code and the language already being in the USA.

Then he decided to create a wallet for a mobile device, but not just a wallet, but the best wallet. Here, handsome! Know ours. 👌

The company was growing, but at the level of 12,000 users there was still no technical support or a clear team, according to Radchenko, he did everything himself. 🥊🥊

When the number of downloads exceeded 100,000 in the Appstore, I realized that I needed to attract investments. ICOs by that time began to require high costs for implementation. So, to raise 10 million, it was necessary to spend almost $ 5 million on the process. Moreover, Victor was in the jurisdiction of the United States, and there some lawyers cost up to $ 500,000. And Victor contacted Binance and their nearly $ 1 billion fund.

After negotiations with CZ Trust Wallet, it received the status of an autonomous unit in the Binance structure🤟 and accountable to the boss, forgive the CEO Changpeng Zhao. You can just CZ. 😊 Or else his cryptans call him Sizy.

Okay, jokes away.

This is an example of a very steep path that an ordinary guy from Dnepropetrovsk can go and reach the world level.

I didn't make a reservation, the world level, guys, together with the top crypto-exchange.

What is unique about Trust Wallet.

More than 5 million downloads. Sounds cool?
Crypt staking capabilities. # Nbsp;
NFTS storage, excellent security and protection. 👁
Can you tell us more about NFT? Give me a sec.
Among all cryptocurrency wallets, this product has the highest level of security.

Let's take a look at the obvious pluses:
- wallet of the top cryptocurrency exchange Binance;
- multicurrency;
- support for all kinds of tokens;
- sane, I would even say a stylish interface;
- private keys can be stored separately;
- staking and dividends for storing tokens;
- support 53 !!! blockchains.

Are there any disadvantages? 👀 Restlessness for the time being of the TWT token, more on that below.

Trust Wallet has not been spared by the NTF boom, especially when Binance announced the opening of the NFT markeplace.

Cryptans were, of course, waiting for the native TWT token (Trust Wallet Token), but so far nothing has happened.

More precisely, the rate went down by $ 0.3 from the $ 1.30 reached at the peak of the excitement. Now, in the wake of the rebound, the Bitcoin rate has risen to $ 0.89.

The trouble is that TWT in the wallet itself is still a rather stupid token. And what is cool then ?? 🤷🏻‍♂️

In fact, this is a utility token created for the Trust Wallet ecosystem. Relaunched based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Bep-20 standard. Commissions are very low, transaction waiting times are minimal. By the way, you knew that Binance is generously willing to reward anyone who finds a vulnerability in the wallet. The amount of remuneration is $ 10,000 💰. Protection is done by a well-tested POS consensus mechanism though.

Yes, everyone expected that through TWT a mutual settlement would be carried out when buying NFT on Binance, but so far Radchenko and CZ, apparently, have their own plans. Although in simple terms, the "fundamental" of the crypto wallet is more than serious.

The capitalization of the project is now just over $ 300 million.
For such a strong foundation, the expectations for the exchange rate are really impressive, and although TWT has already surpassed 31,000% since its initial listing, there is no ceiling for growth yet. Why not?

Because the price can easily jump x100. And this will just pull the token into the top 20 cryptocurrencies. But, you need a very competent use of the token. He's gone yet. It is more like a sweet bun for gambling addicts who cherish the hope of X's. Wait and see.