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Bygone NFT trend

Bygone NFT trend

Not gone at all

In fact, trends tend to repeat themselves.
However, this does not yet apply to NFT and the industry continues to develop at a powerful pace and attract the attention of the giants of the financial world. So, just a couple of days ago, the news flew by that the CryptoPunks NFT token was bought by Visa for $ 150k!

I want to exclaim - hey, what's serious?
Have you seen this picture?
I got a chill in my eyes from the pixels. It's not even 8 bit Mario brothers.

Major players have a very subtle sense of where the wind is blowing, oh, soryan, NFT trend!

And the trend is towards a multiple increase in the capitalization of this market.

Visa, by the way, very logically justified its action: "We, they say, want to understand what requirements are imposed on the infrastructure of any global brand, and give our customers the opportunity to participate in the digital economy."

What can I say, if someone else rolls their eyes with a grin, like Downey Jr., then the big ones are actively moving into new areas.

And it cannot be said that the March boom is now repeating itself, when the first tweets of Jack Dorsey (creator of Twitter) were sold on a wave of hype for $ 2.5 million or Beeple put up his painting "The First 5000 Days" for $ 69 million at an auction, and, By the way, he successfully sold it, but the trend is to some extent becoming a steady flow.

We remember how the Bitcoin bubble burst many times and, in general, the entire industry was buried as completely unpromising, only the crypto market capitalization had already waved $ 2 trillion.
So it is with NFT. While someone walks by, others earn millions of dollars by participating either in the process of creating or buying and selling existing tokens.

For those in the tank.
NFTs are unique non-fungible tokens that are digitalized and blockchain-based art objects.
Well, yes, in fact, not everything there can be attributed to art, there is also outright slag, but in general these are paintings, audio, video, voice, posts, everything that can be digitized.

And the main feature is that they secure the ownership of the original and unique token. But they are not copy-protected. Copy as much as you want, but the original token will always be original.

So, well, people will play and leave. Where are your vaunted CryptoKitties?
Is the boom over?
Maybe it passed, only the sphere remained, and the game itself has not gone anywhere and continues to flourish. It's just less hype.

The uniqueness of the NFT phenomenon is, in fact, a paradigm change, when the blockchain reached the field of art and connoisseurs, the creators were flooded with a stream of opportunities, fundamentally different money, the absence of intermediaries, agents and other gaskets between artists and the audience. And it boomed.

How long will all this last?
The main question for skeptics, who still hope that the bubble will burst and they will remain such "smart guys". The very sphere of cryptocurrencies is already tightly integrated into real life and NFTs will develop. This market is structured and growing.

Look at the growth in the number of NFT trading platforms - OpenSea, Rarity, NFTshowroom (based on Hive), Axie Infinity (AXS) - by the way, this friend, by the way, in general notably added to the capitalization, jumping to the level of $ 4.2 billion and showing X20! !! over the past two months. More SuperRare, Know Origin, ArtBlock.

Projects grow, grow and multiply. And it looks like a boom in DeFi, and it looks like the already "rare boom of cryptocurrencies in 2016-2017, when everything was" forked "from everyone, but as elsewhere, the best survive and do not hang in place.