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Andre Cronje - Genius or hype catcher?

Andrei Kronje is back in touch.

Genius or hype catcher?

The cryptocurrency world loves to create idols for itself. They come, soar to the top of fame, and fall head over heels, losing their authority and weight. Balina, the sadly deceased McAfee, the Winklevoss brothers almost never appear on the air, the same Musk, who launches the Bitcoin or Dogecoin course with one tweet? #Nbsp;

Is Cronje returning or not leaving?

After the successful take-off of the sensational project YearnFinance, which showed incredible X's and secured the nickname "the man who overtook Bitcoin" for Cronier (in the sense that the YFI token rate flew to ATH to $ 90,786, making the forward of the cryptocurrency world almost one and a half times), Andrey became a person, which has attracted close attention not only of crypto enthusiasts, but also of a significant part of investors in the market. # nbsp;

Then the fuss began in all social networks!
After the hack of the test launch of the Eminence Finance project, Andrey "went to the bottom", saying that he had enough publicity on Twitter and, more than, enough work with the Ethereum network, during which the same hack for $ 15 million took place.

Then all the dogs were lowered onto him.
Cryptans began to collect cash for litigation, investors bombarded with threats.
By the way, by the way, the handsome hacker returned $ 8 million, leaving a little less than half for himself. Norm.

Cronje has focused on work on, revamping the original project concept and focusing on the DeFi market last fall. At launch, Cronje observed an information austerity. Neither Twitter nor Medium had any information about testing the keep3r network. But you can't escape cryptan users. The glory of YFI and the craving for fast X did their job. Crypto enthusiasts found the project address on GitHub and invested in it, soaring the price at the first launch on Uniswap 23 times, from 0.15ETH to 3.7ETH. 🚀

This is an important message for those who don't believe in the power of a brand.
Cronier's involvement in the project immediately makes the expectations of its release very hot. It is not a sin to remember Jan Balina, a cheerful African American who once in 2017 "sewed" projects. It was enough to mention that Balina de liked the project as the course flew to the moon. 🌜

Earlier, the creator of Yearn.Finance announced the takeover of Uniswap's rival, the SushiSwap decentralized exchange. Prior to that, Yearn.Finance was integrated with the Cream landing protocol, the Pickle Finance project and the Argent wallet, the Akropolis project and the Cover Protocol peer-to-peer insurance market.
How does he manage all this? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

Cronier is also behind the launch of the DeFI yCredit project, in which the developers found an exploit right after the launch.

Who is Andrei Kronje and what is the secret of his success.

Cronje is an engineer, DeFi architect with a background in telecommunications and banking.
As is often the case, the talent and desire to create new things pay off.

So YFI took off without financial injections, without investors, funds, only relying on its pharming model and giving users passive income. Some projects have failed, but top things are working successfully.

The resulting benefit in the form of lawsuits creates faith. And faith works wonders and every new launch is accompanied by genuine interest and excitement.

We are waiting for further steps👣 Cronje.